Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Blocks For Barb

My fabric finally arrived from Barb and what a quick block to make. I have never made a Bowtie block before so a first for me. Very pretty fabrics.
I'll get them in the post this week Barb.

This is a very quiet Bee ladies 9me included). I thought I might just introduce myself to those I have not 'met before', and hope you will do the same. While you may know each other, here I am away in New Zealand, which is a country of nearly 5 million people and the saying goes there are also that many sheep, or more. Our country is made up of three islands, the North and South Islands and a little island at the bottom called Stewart Island.
I live in the North Island just south of Auckland, which is our biggest city. I live on my own with two very spoilt cats and work three 12 hour shifts as a midwife at the busiest hospital in the country, and love it. When I am not working or quilting I can be found on the golf course, not very good but love the fresh air, exercise and great company.
I have been quilting for about 13 years and have had a longarm machine for about 3 years but only quilt my own quilts. My styles tends to be more modern with bright colours and space to practice my quilting.
So that is a bit about me so now it's your turn!



  1. Hi Marlene! I'm Barb, the one with the bow tie block. I have only been quilting for a little over 2 years. That has been long enough for me to get totally hooked. I also have a long arm and although I don't quilt for others, they are more than welcome to use my machine. I live on a small ski lake (my husbands passion) with my husband Dave and our big dog Buddy. I have 3 grown sons, 2 of which are expecting babies in the next month ( Grandbaby #3 & 4). I am a retired restaurant owner and caterer. I have to say quilting is loads more fun and much less stressful and I love it!

  2. Hi Marlene, your blocks look great. I am so glad you decided to join us. I met you a few years ago when we were on the Bee Balm bee!
    This a wonderful group of ladies and I knew you would be a great fit for us.
    I live in Louisiana just south of New Orleans.

  3. Hi Marlene, welcome to the lovely ladies group. I'm Patti and I've been quilting a little over 3 yrs and am loving it. We have a lot of fun although I don't seem to get much done! i moved to mississippi 11yrs ago when I married a mississippi guy, I'm from Alabama. Our youngest son has just gone off to college so we are enjoying the empty nest. I have gone back to work full time after taking a 10 year break to be a stay home mom. I love to travel and get together with this group to sew and shop.

  4. Hi Marlene, my names Michelle and like yourself I'm also a kiwi. I've been living here in Mississippi now for almost two years. I married an American. I have four grown children and seven grandchildren with a new one on the way, due late April unfortunately all of them are back in NZ. Miss them terribly. My eldest daughter lives in Auckland. My two sons are in Whskatane, where I came from and my other daughter is in Timaru. I've been quilting for a year and am hooked. These ladies are an amazing group. Very talented and loads of fun.

  5. Hi Marlene! I'm Rita. I have been sewing since I was a young child helping my grandmother. I took my first quilting class in 1997 and just fell in love with quilting. However, it's only been in the past several years that i have had a chance to enjoy this hobby. I love scrappy quilts and traditional patterns best but I also enjoy the artistry of modern quilts. This is a very special group of friends. We all share a passion for quilting and we do have the best time together. Seems like we have all known each other all our lives. I work full time but will be retiring in Aug. I've been married to a wonderful guy for 33 years. We have 2 grown children and 2 beautiful grandchildren, a dog named Booger and a cat named Sox. It's quite a busy life! Looking forward to getting to know you better:).

  6. Thanks everyone. I now feel like I know you a little rather than sending blocks off to strangers.