Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Posting for Diane:

This is my 12” block for April.  I will send you the off-white fabric and instructions and let you select the other Fall color (red, orange, yellow, maroon, brown) for my 2 blocks.
There is one error.  Make two of Fabric 2 at 4.5” instead of 1 (off-white).
This is a very easy block.

Friday, March 13, 2015

March Blocks

Hi Everyone

Hope you are all well and spending time  in your sewing rooms. I am well and enjoying our supposedly autumn weather-it is still like summer and I'm not complaining. Not much happening on the sewing front here as I spend my spare hours preparing my portfolio for my 2 yearly midwifery review. Should have the documentation ready to post at the end of next week then it's back to the machine.

Has anyone heard about our blocks for March??? Just wondering.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

January Bee quilt

Brenda sent this picture of her quilt.  She had the month of January with our bee!
I think it is beautiful!!!
The blocks were fun to make.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Blocks For Barb

My fabric finally arrived from Barb and what a quick block to make. I have never made a Bowtie block before so a first for me. Very pretty fabrics.
I'll get them in the post this week Barb.

This is a very quiet Bee ladies 9me included). I thought I might just introduce myself to those I have not 'met before', and hope you will do the same. While you may know each other, here I am away in New Zealand, which is a country of nearly 5 million people and the saying goes there are also that many sheep, or more. Our country is made up of three islands, the North and South Islands and a little island at the bottom called Stewart Island.
I live in the North Island just south of Auckland, which is our biggest city. I live on my own with two very spoilt cats and work three 12 hour shifts as a midwife at the busiest hospital in the country, and love it. When I am not working or quilting I can be found on the golf course, not very good but love the fresh air, exercise and great company.
I have been quilting for about 13 years and have had a longarm machine for about 3 years but only quilt my own quilts. My styles tends to be more modern with bright colours and space to practice my quilting.
So that is a bit about me so now it's your turn!


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Barb's blocks

Finished Barb's blocks tonight.  This will be a beautiful quilt and one that I also hope to make at some point in the future.  Fun, quick block.

Friday, February 6, 2015

February blocks for Lovely Ladies Bee

I hope Barb likes the blocks I made for her.  I love the colors she selected for her  blocks.

this is the fabric I got in the mail........

and these are the blocks I made

Monday, February 2, 2015

Photos of Barb's blocks

Here are the pictures of the February blocks.

Barb Deacon's February block

Getting a rather late start on my post. What I messed up in tardiness I have made up for in the simplicity of my block. This month the block is a simple 8" bow tie. I couldn't find a link to this so I will try to walk you through it.
For each block ( you'll be making 2) you will need:
2-4 1/2" squares of print (I will be mailing tomorrow, I promise)
2-4 1/2" squares of purple (will be mailed also)
2 - 2 1/2" squares of print
Match up the 2 1/2" square in the corner of the purple square and stitch on the diagonal. Repeat with 2nd set of squares. Trim a 1/4" seam and press. Next is a simple four patch with the print triangle butting up to the 2 print 4 1/2" squares.  Stitch, press, and you are done. I will square up patches when I receive them.
Any questions feel free to text me at (615) 330-4305 or email me at bj_deacon